For Veterinarians

I’ve been there. I practiced small animal medicine for years, and I have experienced the intense joys that can only come from saving a life in the last second and the deep lows that are our burden because of our love and passion for animals served by our profession. So I want to start by saying thank you for continuing your service to your community in our profession, and I hope that we can all grow together and be a team for the animals in our care that we love so much.

As progressive veterinarians, we have a commitment to the continual improvement in animal welfare in our community. Tulsa Animal Rehab & Wellness encourages improving pet’s lives through allowing a partnership that doesn’t burden but benefits caring veterinarians as we guide pet parents to making better, longer lasting, lifesaving choices and providing the highest level of service to accomplish the best animal well-being possible.

­­­­­Rehabilitation therapy is a service offered by qualified (CCRT/CCRP/etc.), experienced veterinarians and physical therapists to provide quality care to animals suffering from a variation of illness/injuries and disease.

Behavior modification therapy is beneficial for any unwanted, maladaptive, or aberrant behavior. It can also be used to teach and reinforce new, desired behaviors.

Tulsa Animal Rehab & Wellness provides thorough, quality rehabilitation and behavioral modification services for animals by having a DVM that is both a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) and a Certified Professional Animal Trainer- Knowledge Assessed (CPAT-KA) through the International Animal Trainers Certification Board (IATCB).

So many times I ached with that feeling of turmoil those busy days in general practice where the clock was moving too fast and a pet parent had a behavior, senior care, or other concern and it just wasn’t possible to leave other critical patients waiting. We do our best with handouts, and thank goodness for some amazing vet techs, assistants, and nurses!

You are the veterinarian making the life and death difference. The first line of defense and the last hope all in one, and I’m a rehab veterinarian, here in Tulsa, that is here to help in any way that I can:

Schedule a conversation about a rehab or behavior case that’s on your mind
I’ve made helpful pet parent handout resources that I’m thrilled to share for you and your clients
Created a growing pet parent and veterinary friendly learning portal and social media area for quality behavior and veterinary physical therapy resources
Treat your patients and their parents with kindness, care, and professionalism while constantly improving my knowledge and skills to provide the best care possible.
Have a patient that you think would benefit from a more in depth conversation about a behavioral concern, senior dog guidance, common orthopedic or neurologic injuries? -> Just fill out the form below and I will review their information and I will personally reach out to answer their questions and guiding them to appropriate resources (which is often to return to their primary care vet for additional diagnostics if that was previously recommended and indicated).

Would you like me to reach out to a patient’s parent about Veterinary Physical or Behavioral Rehab Therapy?

Please fill out this short form, to best team up with you and your patient’s guardians to provide the highest quality care.

The referring veterinarian will receive a follow up email summarizing the conversation with the pet parent, and any future initial exam/consult, treatment, and discharge reports of the patient referred.