Canine Rehab Therapy

Rediscover the quality time you are missing with your canine companion. With veterinary medicine now applying the physical therapy principles for dogs through canine rehab therapy, we can address the issues that are causing pain and pave the way for many more years of the good times!

Tulsa Animal Rehab & Wellness is a mobile veterinary canine rehab therapy service helping dogs from in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What is Canine Rehabilitation Therapy? -> More than you may have thought!

How Canine Rehab Can Help Common Canine Conditions

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Dr. Emily has put together some educational content for pet parents in a series of Information Guides on several topics and conditions. Click below to get your guide for the condition you have questions about (currently free) ​to start helping your pup right away…

Check out some of our Adventure Dogs!

Meet Pi! She is a hind limb amputee rescue that is doing amazing things.

Pi has come so far since her first day of rehab therapy with Dr. Emily.

Pi has gone from amputee pup who struggled with lack of strength and coordination in puppy class to performing best in class over and over in more advanced activities.

Her greatest strength is her adoptive mom who has been there to support Pi through all the ups and downs of #tripawdlife

Pi keeps showing us the infinite possibilities that are out there for amputees everywhere!

Check out how far Penny, the basset hound rescue, has come thanks to dedicated parents changing her life with rehab and lots of love!

Penny met Dr. Emily as a young pup who had already gone through one surgery without a full recovery. She has a long list of developmental orthopedic conditions, so more surgery or considering euthanasia was recommended.

Penny’s new family didn’t give up on her future. At the time she struggled to stand, lost her balance when attempting to run and play, and had to use her nose every time she wanted to lay down.

Now Penny has a beautifully full life where she has gained back her independence, runs with her dog friends, plays with strength, transitions between laying and standing comfortably, and has improved her patellar luxation as well as her hip and elbow dysplasia.

From FHO surgery recovery to partial cruciate ligament tears, and more, we are so proud of all our Tulsa Animal Rehab Pack!

Our route to recovery guides the process as we journey through the phases of rehab together.

Some graduates move on to continued home care with their families and others continue in our Adventure Dog Program where we visit once or twice a month to check in and make sure we keep the positive momentum going!

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For more canine rehab information, check out our Learning Portal posts:

“Dr. Emily was a tremendous help to us in providing care for our Nunnsy. Nunnsy had a degenerative disease and Dr. Emily guided us with exercises, massages and helpful information on how best to help Nunnsy. We would highly recommend her for your pet.” – Debbie Nunn

“Dr. Emily and Tulsa Animal Rehab & Wellness were truly a quality of life saver for my dog, Bear! Bear had a partial ligament tear in her knee, but also other issues that created pain, anxiety, and sensitivity to touch. I knew on the first meeting something special was going to happen. The cooperative care baseline and assisting the dog while also helping the human made such a difference. Dr. Emily took the time to really assess Bear, Bear is not an easy dog to build trust with, but within a few treatments, Bear was excited to see Dr. Emily. The programs focus on collaborating with all care providers treating the dog, providing options and slow steady steps towards healing, maintenance, or prep for other procedures was incredible. Bear did not end up needing surgery and is in such a great place. Her knee injury is recovered and her sensitive to touch has been managed, she’s thriving. Bear also loved the rehab exercises. Five stars doesn’t quite give a high enough review. When I reached out to Tulsa Animal Rehab & Wellness I felt pretty overwhelmed and unsure of how to really help my stressed, in pain, and over stimulated dog and get her ready for the possibility of surgery. Thank you to Dr. Emily for helping me help Bear thrive!”- E Hall

“Dr Emily has made such a huge difference in Brodie’s recovery. Brodie had FHO surgery on his left rear leg. After consulting with the doctor and everything we were told, we thought Brodie would be fine and back to normal in 3 or 4 months. Brodie was only 18 months old and weighed 70lbs when the surgery was performed. We thought we could handle Brodies recovery on our own but he was so weak and had lost so much muscle that he wouldn’t or couldn’t use his leg. We struggled for a month trying to help him without success. That’s when we found Dr Emily. In the last 16 weeks Brodie has made a remarkable recovery. Thanks to everything she did for him and us, we have our beautiful puppy back. Dr Emily is amazing and wants the best for your fur baby. She has made all the difference in Brodie’s recovery. I believe the surgery was necessary, but I think the Vet’s that perform these types of surgery’s don’t understand how difficult the recovery process is. I hope for all pets and their family’s that more Vets would consider educating the families on how difficult the recovery will be, especially for bigger dogs. What Dr Emily does for your pets recovery is so important. She wants you to understand the process, and what it’s going to take to get your baby back to normal or as close to that as possible. Dr Emily has been a true blessing for both Brodie and us.”
Ken Poppiti

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