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Timid to Together: Canine Connection Course

Timid to Together: Canine Connection Course

When it comes to our dogs, that connection… man can it be a beautiful and powerful thing to behold.

But sometimes that connection can be hard to achieve, for many different reasons. If you are wishing for a closer connection, you aren’t alone. I have had many pet parents and foster parents reaching out to me lately with honesty & love… looking for hope.

That is why I have been working behind the scenes to create this hybrid course to help timid dogs and their families connect through science backed behavior modification therapy!

We love our canine companions. They are our family! But there sometimes are situations where our connection with them is strained.

From a newly adopted pup in the home learning to be less anxious in the big world to a senior dog with increasing anxiety as they age, we want to help as pet parents, but we don’t always know the best way how.

Honestly, it can be really frustrating and confusing. Thoughts that are common:

-Are we doing enough? Too much?

-Why is my newly adopted dog not warming up to us by now?

-I hate taking my dog to the vet because they come back and act so weird for a day or so after, what could I do to support them better?

-My senior dog seems less engaged with our family, and everyone tells me it’s just age, but I miss my friend. Is leaving them alone in a corner all that is left for us? Do we have to give up on adventures together?

I’m Dr. Emily Hall, the rehabilitation veterinarian at Tulsa Animal Rehab & Wellness. My passion is helping pet parents like you connect with their fearful/anxious canine companion in a way that will bring their family (big or small) the peace and joy that they always wanted to share in the adventures of life!

Your Journey Awaits…

This is a hybrid behavior modification program, meaning that the majority of what you learn will be available to you at your convenience 24/7 as an online learning course that is supported with weekly conversations via email and the opportunity to schedule a call or home visit with a veterinarian specifically trained in canine behavior!

If you think this may be just what you have been needing in your life, or you still have questions, please reach out to Dr. Emily!

You can email questions to tulsarehabvet@gmail.com

Or you can schedule a free discovery call:

Want more information about how to have a great life with your canine companion? Check out this free eBook Dr. Emily put together for you- Click Here